What if you’re the plot twist?

Amelia Elizabeth
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


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Thanks to my mom, I grew up watching the detective mystery Matlock, one of her favorite shows. I could always predict that the person being questioned on the witness stand during the last ten minutes of an episode was the culprit. I haven’t watched Matlock in years and now prefer watching the brilliantly and righteously mischievous Lupin played by Omar Sy. Both shows captured my attention and interest because there is almost always a sure plot twist. This idea of a plot twist is one I am holding on to because I was recently on a call with a friend’s church and her pastor offered the idea of a “plot twist” to no one in particular. He shared the idea as a divine encouragement for whomever would receive it.

YOU are the plot twist in your family. You are the change for your generation.

YOU are the difference.

YOUR story will not be what it was for your mother or grandmother.

YOU are the plot twist.

At the time, it didn’t resonate with me in a personal way, but one of the other virtual attendees responded with tearful rejoicing. That encouragement was certainly for her. I was happy for her and prayed she would continue to hold onto that encouragement.

But here is where a plot twist entered.

Not more than an hour later I stumbled into the same expression on a totally unrelated website — “plot twist.” Its appearance was so unexpected I knew I needed to pay attention. As I reflected on what the pastor shared a bit more than an hour prior, I realized that word of encouragement was also for me. But not just for me. It’s for we.

WE are the plot twist in our families. We are the change for our generation.

WE are the difference.

OUR story will not be what it was for our predecessors.

WE are the plot twist.

I share this with you as it was shared with me — for whomever is willing to take it and run with it. If you choose not to today, may a plot twist interrupt your plans in the future to call you back to the hope encapsulated therein.

May your story be different in the best ways and may you be set apart for glory — by God’s grace alone.

Let the plot twists begin…



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