Happy Graduation Season!

Amelia Elizabeth
2 min readAug 30, 2022


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Graduation seasons spiritually are a time of unusual activity and acceleration. It seems that things happen faster than you anticipated and faster than with which you can keep up. So many people have been in an extended graduation season since earlier this year whether or not you have been in a formal education program. This is your Amos 9:13–15 moment.

For this reason you may be more exhausted than usual or need to be more intentional about how to manage your energy and its ebbs and flows. This awareness is consistent with the discovery that your graduation season demands decisiveness, consistency and strength.* Each of these commitments require a greater level of focus and clarity during this season. Without these commitments you risk missing a key opportunity to graduate fully into the next level of life already prepared for you — that’s the beauty of this graduation season; it is not predicated on needing to attain a new degree — it is dependent on needing to make a decision.

Graduation seasons spiritually are not about the completion of academic programs; instead they require us to make decisions that transition us from one level of life to another.

So my question for you today is what decision have you been avoiding making or putting off that is holding you back from moving into your next?

That decision may be to forgive, to start or return to counseling, to start budgeting, to get that medical exam, to start practicing journaling, to host that event that has been on your heart, to start sharing those posts on social media. You’ll notice I state each of these decisions as a commitment to do rather than a commitment to stop doing. However, inevitably each decision requires a rejection of its antithesis. Your decision may be to end a longstanding relationship but I would state that as the decision to move forward and make space for new relationships. Your decision may be to stop smoking but I would state that as deciding to better steward and honor the body God has given you.

If you are unsure of what decisions need to be made for your next, I pray for discernment and clarity for you. That inner sense of unrest and desire for change may be tied up in you needing to make a decision before the circumstances change.

I don’t know what decisions you need to make but I’m cheering for you and I believe in you!

Congratulations in advance!

Happy Graduation!

*Reverend A.R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center often teaches that these are the three qualities women look for in men.



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